Clustering-based routing for top-k querying in wireless sensor networks


Mo Shangfeng,Chen Hong,Li Yinglong


Abstract A large-scale wireless sensor networks (WSNs) can be deployed for top-k querying applications. There are many top-k querying algorithms which are based on traditional routing approaches. In this article, we proposed a clustering-based routing for top-k querying (CRTQ) in WSNs to save the energy consumption and extend the network lifetime. The proposed scheme consists of two parts: one is the cluster formation algorithm; another part is the inter-cluster choosing the relay cluster head algorithm. Moreover, we adopt a corresponding dynamic clustering algorithm. Our experimental result shows that CRTQ substantially outperforms the existing tree-based approaches and clustering-based approaches in terms of both energy consumption and network lifetime.


Springer Science and Business Media LLC


Computer Networks and Communications,Computer Science Applications,Signal Processing

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