Transcriptome analysis of the transdifferentiation of canine BMSCs into insulin producing cells


Wang Jinglu,Dai Pengxiu,Zou Tong,Lv Yangou,Zhao Wen,Zhang Xinke,Zhang YihuaORCID


Abstract Background Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells are a potential resource for the clinical therapy of certain diseases. Canine, as a companion animal, living in the same space with human, is an ideal new model for human diseases research. Because of the high prevalence of diabetes, alternative transplantation islets resource (i.e. insulin producing cells) for diabetes treatment will be in urgent need, which makes our research on the transdifferentiation of Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into insulin producing cells become more important. Result In this study, we completed the transdifferentiation process and achieved the transcriptome profiling of five samples with two biological duplicates, namely, “BMSCs”, “islets”, “stage 1”, “stage 2” and “stage 3”, and the latter three samples were achieved on the second, fifth and eighth day of induction. A total of 11,530 differentially expressed transcripts were revealed in the profiling data. The enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes revealed several signaling pathways that are essential for regulating proliferation and transdifferentiation, including focal adhesion, ECM-receptor interaction, tight junction, protein digestion and absorption, and the Rap1 signaling pathway. Meanwhile, the obtained protein–protein interaction network and functional identification indicating involvement of three genes, SSTR2, RPS6KA6, and VIP could act as a foundation for further research. Conclusion In conclusion, to the best of our knowledge, this is the first survey of the transdifferentiation of canine BMSCs into insulin-producing cells according with the timeline using next-generation sequencing technology. The three key genes we pick out may regulate decisive genes during the development of transdifferentiation of insulin producing cells.


National Natural Science Foundation of China


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